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  • The nomination is open for Members serving as Scientists, academicians, industrialist, and researcher.
  • Any member holding SESR, SIF, and SA membership can apply.
  • Age limits for each award are as follows: Lifetime Achievement award: Above 60 years, Leading light award: Above 50 years, Young scientist: Below 35 years, Emerging researcher: Below 30 years.
  • A person, who has won the award in the past in the same area, will not be eligible to nominate for the next three years in the same category.
  • Nomination in more than one category by the same person will not be permitted.
  • A member of the nomination/selection committee,  cannot be a nominee for the next 1 year.
  • If an eligible candidate is not found from the nominations, the award category will be declared as cancelled for the year.


Tick on awards that you wish to apply
I understand that Scire Awards are based on contributions, merits and achievements in the scientific field. I enroll as a nominee for the above award(s):