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Thesis writing workshop


The training program welcomes individuals in the research and academic field, such as researchers, postgraduate students, and mentors/teachers who guide researchers. Although the modules are primarily tailored to benefit life science researchers, they offer techniques applicable to academic writing across diverse fields. Therefore, research scholars from other domains are also encouraged to join and participate in the program.



18 - 19,  April 2023.

5.30 pm - 7.30 pm IST.

Google meet platform.


Speed Writing Technology for Life science Researchers

Hey there, are you a researcher or academic in the life science sector struggling to write a thesis or experiencing writer's block?

Don't worry, over the past three years, we've helped more than 150 researchers effectively and effortlessly complete their academic writing.

After working with numerous aspiring research scholars in recent months, we've created a system that allows anyone to improve their academic writing speed by eliminating unproductive hours from their workday.

Our "Speed Writing Technology" has produced positive results for clients across various industries who complete their writing work faster and focus more on their careers. Today, we're inviting you to learn this proven system with our 4-hour Speed Writing Online Class for just Rs. 499.

Here's what you'll discover in the class:

  • Hour 1: Introduction to 4 hr Speed Writing Technology, eliminating stress, anxiety, and writer's block, and understanding your authorship.

  • Hour 2: Creating an effective outline with all subcomponents in less than 20 minutes, even if you're starting from scratch.

  • Hour 3: Writing references, units, and numbers flawlessly, and proactively organizing your thesis at each step.

  • Hour 4: Overcoming your writing limitations by selecting and deselecting specific words during thesis or academic writing, planning to finish your thesis work within the stipulated time using our proven speed writing technology formula, and collecting your certificate.

By the end of the class, you'll have a step-by-step strategic plan to compose, format, and deliver your thesis. Plus, by participating in the class, you'll receive bonuses worth Rs. 1000 for free.

There's no limitation to using these techniques in any of your academic writing, making them invaluable for researchers and academics.

If you demand fast results in your career, we know we can help

Here's how just INR 499 can get you unstuck:-
Click the "Sign Up" button and submit your details.
You will be directed to our payment processor to make your investment of INR 499.
Once you remit the payment, we will add you to a WhatsApp group where you can get all the details about participating in the Class.
If you are serious about pushing yourself to be a more productive being, then this is a class you should not miss.

If you're unable to attend the class due to other commitments, no worries - just inform us via email, and we'll schedule you for the upcoming session.

I used to spend much time when it comes to writing academic reports and research papers. It was my habit to proofread a paper repeatedly.
The checklist method introduced in 4 hr Speed Writing Technology Workshop was amazing in that it helped reduce proofreading time significantly. I could also identify some of the errors made in my previous works through yesterday's class on the common mistakes committed in academic writing. To me, the most striking point introduced in the class was that 'It need not be perfect, It just has to be done.'
I think the workshop has curbed my hesitancy to write significantly. That is what I felt while sitting down to complete this task. Thank you for making me confident in academic writing.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Jikku Jose for the sincerity and dedication she showed in supporting us tackle the problem of scientific writing. The classes were both engaging and entertaining, and we had a great time together with team Scire Science.
Aleena Elizabeth Cyril

The speed writing session by Dr Jikku Joseph was really an informative and refreshing one. Lack of clarity in abstract writing was my concern earlier. After attending the session, I could able to approach that issue professionally. I hope this sort of workshop will help the research students to understand the concept of research methodology. I can surely recommend Dr Jikku’s Speed writing workshop to many of my friends and juniors.
Biju Mullassery Gangadharan

"I had done my training in Scire science R&D laboratory under the guidance of Dr Jikku jose mam. All members of the laboratory are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Scire laboratory is a well-sophisticated place where we can mould ourselves as a good scientific personality.".

"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and now have very valuable experience under my belt. The department was helpful when I had questions, but it was good for me to oversee... every aspect of my own internship, and in the end, has been advantageous. I believe this approach made the experience mirror that of an actual job search. I think that an internship is extremely valuable to a student".
Neha Biju

"I very well enjoyed my internship at Scire in Kinfra. The session was very informative and interactive. I got to learn new techniques and methodologies, which will definitely be helpful in future. The lab is fully equipped with all instruments and glassware. The guide was also friendly and cleared all doubts regarding the topic and out of the box. Looking forward to doing more internships here with the same crew.".
Sajna A

"I’m extremely grateful to Dr Jikku Jose ma’am for giving me this great opportunity to pursue an internship at SCIRE SCIENCE and providing me with perfect hands-on training. Throughout the internship, the tutors made sure that we understood even the basics of the project and was very very friendly too. A big thank you to Ms Ajithra, Ms Amritha and Ms Doniya for all the help during the internship and for always supporting me in each and every step of the program.".

"Amazing teaching and guiding faculty who provide a wholesome learning experience. Good equipment and comfortable working atmosphere.
I did my internship there and had a great time!".
Selection of appropriate words in academic writing was the main problem faced by me while writing research reports.
I got the solution for my problem by attending the thesis writing workshop. The checklist method introduced in the Workshop helped me to reduce proofreading time significantly.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr Jikku Jose for the wonderful sessions. Within a short period of time, I am able to write and proofread academic writings without any confusion. Thank you soo much for your efforts.
Bany Joy